Friday, June 11, 2010

Happy World Cup!

The World Cup begins in earnest today with the match between Mexico and South Africa being played this very moment. The score is still 0:0. The big match between US and England is tomorrow at 2:30. Don't forget. You can watch it either at Dupont Circle tomorrow, or you can follow along with any of this at FIFA's website.

To get your poetic, soccer soul burning might I recommend Eduardo Galeano's Soccer in Shadow and Sun? It was originally published in 1998, but we just received a brand new paperback edition. You may know Eduardo Galeano from The Book of Embraces (868 G152B) fame, or perhaps more historical writing such as Memory of Fire (980 G152). It conists of a lot of poetical/historical vignettes revolving around soccer. So, it is something you can dip into during time outs or commercial breaks.

We just received a slew of new soccer books. We got rules of the game, scandals and corruption, World Cup encyclopedias...too numerous to mention by name!

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  1. love the new look. don't forget to check out all the stories on forced relocations and missing persons related to the world cup. god bless fifa.