Friday, May 21, 2010

New Scores!

Calling all music nerds and band geeks, compositional geniuses and antiquated artisans: We have just received brand new scores! Mostly chamber music, but a few orchestral scores of modern American composers. A particular one that jumped out at me (perhaps because it is tall, oblong and will go to the "oversized" shelf) is David del Tredici's Tattoo composed in 1986. He describes this orchestral composition as a "musical monster" with more than 100 independently moving parts, "each of which, like tentacles, can be given its own life, or all can be harnessed together to do a composer's bidding." Come check out this massive full score at M784.2 D366T on the Oversize shelf.

Another gem to replace an old copy: Mozart's Complete Symphonies for four hand piano (that's a piano duet, not a pianist with four hands... ). Look for this copy (M786.4 M939) on the New shelf in the Art and Music reading room.

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  1. Good thing you cleared up that four hands thing. I was beginning to think that pianists were aided by radioactivity.