Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Well, we are expecting more snow for the DC area. As long as the DCPL is still open this afternoon, and for those of you without school or work, come on down to check out our winter sports section. Heading to the ski slopes, first time on a snowboard or feeling a little rusty? Check out "Snowboarding Skills: the back-to-basics essentials for all levels" by Cindy Kleh (796.949 K69). Or if you prefer the calmer side of snow sports checkout "Snowshoeing: a trailside guide" by Larry Olmsted (796.92 O516).

Also, the winter Olympics are about to begin! If you don't have tickets to the opposite side of the continent, why not read about the history of the games? "The Complete Book of the Winter Olympics" (796.98 W196).

Be safe and have fun!

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