Tuesday, December 1, 2009

The Russians are Coming!

Come down to DCPL this Thursday, December 3rd for a classical lunch hour! It is the monthly Brown Bag Recital with cellist Vasily Popov and pianist Ralitza Patcheva at 12 pm. The concert is in A-5 on the lower level of MLK, and it is FREE!

This month's program includes two of the Russian greats: Peter Illyich Tchaikovsky and Modest Mussorgsky. We have a recording of various pieces by both composers recorded by conductor Leopold Stokowski (CD 784.2 S874s). On this recording you'll find "Night on Bare Mountain," Mussorgsky's original version of what Rimsky-Korsakov later revised into the popular "Night on Bald Mountain." Mussorgsky composed this piece in 1867 only to alter it several times (it became a choral piece at one point), leaving it unfinished by the time he died. Rimsky-Korsakov revised it in an effort to preserve his friend's brilliant, if erratic and inconsistent, legacy.

Images: Tcha
ikowsky, Right, courtesy of dfsheetmusic.com and Mussorgsky, Left, courtesy of 01varvara.wordpress.com.

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