Friday, December 18, 2009

Pay For Soup, Build An Igloo, Read a Book

Sounds like the snow is imminent so why not come over and check out the just received offering by Arthur Danto simply titled Andy Warhol (700.92 W275ZDA). It is a more philosophical perspective on the life and work of Warhol, written for outsiders to philosophy. If you struggled at all with Beyond the Brillo Box (111.85 D194), this is going to be smoother sailing for you. The ideas are still complex, but easily digestible.

We also just received a photo anthology called Who Shot Rock & Roll: 1955 to the Present (779.97841 B924). It runs the gamut from Ike and Tina, to the Yardbirds, to Fugazi. The photographers themselves write captions about the images and their context. It's great fun.

In other reading news, MAN issued another installment of the "Artist Pick Books" series. I know for certain that we have the Krazy Kat, Foucault's Order of Things, and Juan Munoz mentioned in the list. (Oops, we actually have the retrospective catalog from Hirshhorn. I hope that will do.)

image via: Zwirner and Wirth

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