Friday, December 11, 2009

From The Vaults

In this episode of  From the Vaults, where we unearth forgotten jewels amid the stacks, we find Robert Motherwell: Reconciliation Elegy (759.13 M918) from Skira/ Rizzoli 1980.

Contained herein you will find a lot of commentary by Motherwell and his assistants, Bigelow and Scofield, about the fabrication and execution of a monumental painting; complete with Motherwell's poetical digressions: "I felt like a sailor mopping a ship's deck under a black starry sky...calm anxiety, anxious solitude.The canvas was so big underfoot, and beginning to stir, like a white whale." The painting was commissioned by the National Gallery of Art especially for their, then, newly built East Building.

Reconciliation Elegy (pictured) is currently hanging in the "East Building, Concourse Lobby". Which translates to: "near the entrance to the big auditorium", and a few steps away form the new Byron Kim. It loometh there.

p.s. If anyone can think of a better name for the "From the Vaults" column, leave it in the comments section. It was just a quick fix. I think we need something more lasting.