Thursday, December 31, 2009

Banksy vs King Robbo

Blimey! The Brits are up in arms over the latest street fight between famed Graffiti artists Banksy and King Robbo. Under a bridge in Camden, North London, King Robbo painted a piece in 1985. Through the years it has seen minor alterations and defacing by other graffiti artists, but not to the scale of what Banksy added in December. He painted over almost half the work, and left his oh-so-Banksy style to dominate the wall. Although many believed the Banksy addition to be progressive, adding a modern touch, King Robbo felt otherwise. Only four days after his piece was altered, he painted over it with his name in giant letters (above image). For a complete article and photos visit the Times online. For more information about Graffiti Art visit the Arts and Humanities division on the second floor of MLK Jr. Memorial Library. Head to call number 751.73 where you can find "Wall and Piece," a collection of Banksy's works.

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