Monday, November 16, 2009

From the Vaults

I hope to have the discipline to make this an irregular column, but here is a first installment of "From the Vaults"; where we take a look at cool books and material that are so neglected that I didn' t even know they were here. Ready? Great!

First is the book Bellocq: Photographs from Storyville, the Red-light District of New Orleans. The photographs were shot by Ernest J. Bellocq in the 19-teens, and later printed by Lee Friedlander from the glass plate negatives and exhibited in 1970. We have both the 1970 edition as well as the 1996 reprint. We have circulating and reference copies of each. The call numbers are 779.24 B446 for the 1970 edition, and 779.2094 B446 for the 1996 edition. There is a really great preface by Friedlander describing how he came to own the negatives and technique for printing these old, corroded negatives. Susan Sontag provides some context in the introduction.

image via: MOMA

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