Monday, September 21, 2009

New and Rediscovered Items

Inspired by the Ludovico Mazollino in London I have unearthed a few things in the collection. First is photographer Thomas Struth's New Pictures From Paradise (779.092 S927T) which I rediscovered in the "oversized" stacks. The images are so packed with information that you have to pay careful attention. (Punctum as far as the eye can see.)

Not far away I rediscovered David Wilson's Bayeux Tapestry: The Complete Tapestry in Color (746.3942 W747). There are actually two of Mr. Wilson's Bayeux books! The other is found at 746.3944 W747 and is simply called The Bayeux Tapestry

In new book news the 1973-74 Complete Peanuts arrived today complete with an introduction by none other than Billie Jean King (92 K515).

We also received Obelisk: A History (731.76 O122). It has a number of nice reproductions of engravings and schematic drawings.

image via: artnet

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