Monday, September 28, 2009

Ba- Dumm! diddle de TUM ba daaaahhhh...

Studio 360 has a terrific interview on their site between Tim Page (who was profiled on the show last week) and Glenn Gould. It is a really interesting conversation from 1982; just after Mr. Gould re-recorded the Goldberg Variations. They compare his initial recording of the piece from the 1950's and have an intricate discussion of how Bach composed the piece; how Gould performed it, the Bernstein disagreement, Schoenberg, Minimalism, Haydn... the list goes on.

Some Gould background can be found in Biography at 92 G6955, or Music at 786.2092 G696 and on CD at CD 786.2182 B118G (B118 because he was largely known for performing Bach)

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