Thursday, April 23, 2009

neat library find!

while on assignment perusing the art reference aisles i discovered some dusty green boxes marked 'urban renewal.' inside those boxes? preliminary plans from 40-50 years ago for towns like garrett park, silver spring, germantown + langely park. also found some reports and plans for the 'revitalization' of downtown DC in the early 1970s and the"Downtown Washington: Streets for People" report- pretty cool.

the reports are full of colorful maps and detailed sketches - information on corridor cities, proposed super highways (that for the most part came to be), land use + zoning requirements. what's lacking? evidence of any significant community involvement in those planning processes.

so far the award for most comprehensive and colorful publication goes to the MNCPPC's August 1966 Preliminary Plan for FAIRLAND-BELTSVILLE (and vicinity). the avocado cardstock reminds me of my parents' high school yearbooks.

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