Tuesday, April 7, 2009



normally you can find me over in the social sciences division but for 3/5 of the next four weeks you can find me at matthew's desk in arts and music!

while my learn-ed background is in sociology and not in the arts, my interests always have been. Often in my life the arts and social change are mutually exclusive.

here is a great example - while spending quality time perusing signalfire - the blog over at provisions library in dupont circle, i stumbled upon http://add-art.org/. if mozilla firefox is your browser of choice than don't delay in adding 'add-art.' the extension 'replaces advertising images on web pages with art images from a curated database.'

wow! no ads! just live driving a car in vermont but better because the billboards are covered in contemporary art. and i will gladly take art invading my subconcious over advertisements any day.

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