Monday, March 2, 2009

Welcome to Women's Histoy Month

image: MOMA/Elizabeth Murray

As a contribution to Womens' History Month I had set up an "Important (to me) Women Artists" display near the periodicals on Saturday only to arrive on Monday with all but two of the six books checked out. I'm assuming they were checked out and not hanging around in another division.

The most popular artists in that display so far have been: Elizabeth Murray, Rachel Whiteread, Frida Kahlo (of course), and Ana Mendieta. Surprisingly the Alice Neel book didn't get checked out. It may have been the condition of the copy.

I basically overhauled the display, so now Louise Bourgoise, Eva Hesse, Janet Fish, Roni Horn, Rachel Whiteread, again (we have two copies of the Embankment catalog), and Louise Nevelson are featured.

Library of Congress has a month of Women' s History Month Events scheduled, so check it out. I mean, it's no book display, but at least it's something.

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